Why I Love Article Marketing!

I do article marketing every week and always will.

If you are not doing article marketing now, or trying to but not succeeding, let me share why I love it and how it can help you too.

Article marketing works better than many paid methods of advertising.

There are two core truths about article marketing:

One – article marketing creates totally free traffic year after year after year. I still get traffic from articles I wrote and submitted in 2007!

Two – Blogging IS article marketing. So if you have a blog now, you are in the article marketing business already!

Here are the top ten reasons I love article marketing:

1. Article Marketing works

If you look at the history of what work online you will see a pattern. There are short term players who create a big splash, then fade away.

There are SO many people who have promised “the next big thing,” that have climbed the gravity ladder and then fell, never to be seen again.

Then there are long term players.

Men and women who share their knowledge openly for the benefit of all, knowing that people who like their message will respond and buy their products.

Three examples are: Paul Myers at TalkBi, and Brian Clark at Copyblogger, and Jimmy Brown at Imstitute.

All three are article marketers, all three have thriving businesses and strong reputations.

2. Article marketing builds credibility

When people trust you and believe what you say, they buy from you. They listen to you. They rely on you.

They trust you. This is more valuable that almost any other asset you can earn. Yes, I said earn. There are no shortcuts here. You simply give your best.

I make sales every time I send an email to my list. Why? Because I have worked hard to give the people on my list true value, before asking for anything in return. These are good people who want to learn, grow and have a real business online.

You can join my list and read helpful articles for *years* and never be required to buy anything at all.

That activity builds trust. Best of all, it helps people.

And that’s what’s it is all about. At the end of my days it won’t be the money I will be counting – it will be the people helped. Not preaching, that’s just how I see it.

If your focus is giving, more than receiving, it will all work out. The making money online part of the equation will take care of itself. I have seen that happen many times.

3. Article writing can be outsourced

Don’t want to write or like to write? No problem. You don’t have to!

However, there is both good and bad news– when it comes to outsourcing.

The bad news is that you can’t expect to pay $5 per article and end up with a good product. You’ll end up with some spun article that will get you slapped.

The good news is that there are terrific writers online who love to write, love to work from home and will write excellent articles for an affordable price.

These articles will belong to you. They will be your articles, never to be sold or used by another person. You own the copyright.

The best writer I know online is Meredith Pond. She doesn’t even know I’m writing this, but she is flat out the best in the business in my view.

Two more resources I use personally are Elance and VA Classroom. I have purchased excellent copywriting at both.

4. Article marketing is durable

The lifeblood of the Internet is information. Without unique high-quality information Google goes out of business.

When YOU become the information supplier, you are rewarded with more and more visitors, year after year.

I still get visitors from articles I wrote years ago!

My motto is simple — do the work once and profit many times!

Article marketing does that.

5. Article marketing pre-sells

While giving away content is great, you still need to sell something, right?

With article marketing you can do both.

An article marketing approach (to pre-selling an idea) would be to start a blog about your idea. You write articles about the hows, whys, what to do and what to avoid, etc. Post to your blog. While using social media, like Squidoo or Facebook are great, remember your own blog is KEY.

Now people visit your blog and read informative articles without any pressure.

When they do this, they will be pre-sold on the idea and very likely buy from you — the friend who helped them get their questions answered and was so helpful.

And because your blog will live online as long as you want it to (unlike an ad that runs once and is gone forever) you have created real leverage.

You’ve done the work once and profited many times.

6. Article marketing creates better visitors

When you write articles that help people (like this one I hope!) you can place those articles on sites, like article directories and on other blogs, for other audiences to enjoy.

When that happens you reach more people and they get to know you for the first time.

All without spending any money!

So why “better” visitors? When people read your article on another blog or article directory first, and then visit your blog, they WANT to know more about you.

Visitors coming because they WANT to know more is far better than the person who just Googles and clicks.

7. So few are doing it well

Marketing online is funny. Once something is discovered that works well, you can count on some “shortcut” or “three click miracle” way of doing it popping up.

It happened with article marketing.

The hype boys noticed that article marketing worked, and created spinners and robots and scrapers to “do the work for you.” These miracle inventions would even submit your articles for you to *millions* of websites!

Of course, that doesn’t work. But people bought into it, spending their time and money trying it… because it sounded easy and fast.

If the same people had saved their money, and written just two articles a week during that time, they would be so much farther along.

With so few doing article marketing well, now is the perfect time for you to get in the game.

8. Articles can be repurposed

I also love that articles make great content on other venues. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use short snips from your articles on Twitter.
  • Post excerpts to Facebook.
  • Add articles to your follow up series
  • Combine articles into a report that becomes your viral marketing piece.
  • Make a Powerpoint presentation from your articles and create video for YouTube and other sharing sites.
  • Record your videos to create a podcast.
  • Combine articles into a book to sell on Kindle or on your own blog or site!

Write the article once and profit many times. Good motto.

9. Article marketing creates quality back links

When your articles are published on other websites you get a link from that site. When those sites are of high quality, Google pays attention and gives you more attention… and more visitors.

Simple, really.

The thing is, you just can’t fool Google. So why bother “blasting” your article to “hundreds of thousands” of blogs or sites that no human will ever visit, when you can do it right.

10. Article marketing builds your list

There is no better list builder out there. While list swaps and solo ads are *faster* at building lists, article marketing will bring you *better* subscribers.

How are they better?

Because they have already read your work and like it. Now they want to know more.

And having someone want to know more about you, and what you offer, is extremely powerful.

So there you have it, the 10 reasons I love article marketing so much. Let me encourage you to get more information about article writing and article marketing.

It’s morning on the Internet my friend. And now is the time for you to stake your claim and build your business.

Because having an automated thriving online business is a beautiful thing indeed!

PPC Vs Article Marketing: The Debate Rages

There are many ways to advertise online. However, the two “big guns” are to be PPC (pay per click) and article marketing. In fact, the battle for supremacy between these two methods has heated the Internet ether for some time now. PPC is “paid marketing” while article marketing is a form of natural search engine optimization – usually combined with other link-building activities. Is there a clear-cut winner here yet? Which one is better? Does one offer you better ROI than the other?

A quick glance through search results on the questions above will give you some rather conflicting information. It seems that some tout PPC as the single best way to go, while others side with article marketing and natural SEO as the most advantageous solution for everyone. To really get to the truth behind these disparities, you need to consider a few things, starting with the source of the information.

For instance, quite a bit of store is set by both the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and ComScore. However, these two entities are not exactly what you would call objective – the sponsors of the various studies conducted by these companies influence the results to a tremendous degree. You can count on studies sponsored by PPC companies to be favorable to PPC, to the exclusion of all else.

To really get to the bottom of the situation, you need to consider several factors. Both article marketing and PPC work – there’s no question of that. However, determining which is best can be a bit difficult. Let’s dig a little deeper into the question.

In order to make an informed decision between article marketing and PPC, you need to understand the criteria on which such a decision should be made. There are three main factors here: click-through rates, cost-effectiveness and the conversion ratio offered by the marketing method.

When a consumer uses a search engine to query for information, products or services, they’re presented with ten search results immediately. There are fewer PPC listings than there are natural search results. This alone might be enough to keep that person from clicking on a PPC ad – if there are enough “real” results, then there’s no need to take a chance by clicking on an advertisement. However, for a website to rank high enough in search engine standings to be in the top 10 results for a specific keyword, the content of the site has to be relevant to the query. In addition, there has to be relevant internal HTML code, which takes knowledge and expertise to implement.

Natural search results are just that. They’re natural – there is no fee paid to be listed. PPC ads are the reverse. The company that has the highest bid will get top placement, whether their site is relevant to the consumer’s search or not. Article marketing ensures that the best (highest relevancy) website is provided for the customer.

The crux of this issue is that PPC ads may or may not be what consumers want to find. Increasingly, consumers are learning this, as well. It only takes a few instances for a searcher to stop clicking on PPC ads at all. Current research shows that customers are searching for natural results more frequently. You’ll even find that those who are heartily in favor of PPC admit that there is very little substance to them. They are short ads that use a few words to capture the searcher’s attention. Often, those words are misleading, dishonest or downright false. When a user clicks the ad, they’re taken to a sales page, which can immediately offend people, particularly those looking for real, viable information so they can make up their own minds.

Article marketing, on the other hand, is not a short-form method of marketing. In fact, it is an ideal way to present real information for consumers, so that they can make an informed decision regarding their needs. It’s not necessarily about selling, but about informing and teaching. Article marketing gives consumers a full article chock-full of data, details and vital points. PPC ads don’t say much of anything. While someone in a hurry might click on a PPC ad simply to save time (and often find they’re actually wasting time), those who really want to make a good decision will always go with natural search results over advertisements.

As you can see, the question is not necessarily which one is better. It’s more a question of what type of customer your business needs. Do you need to take advantage of those with little time to conduct a thorough search? Do you want customers who have the information they need to make a solid decision?

Of course, there are some things to be gained with PPC marketing methods. Below, you’ll see some high points for both PPC and article marketing.

PPC Marketing

To get a real idea of the situation here, you need to know a few of the advantages offered by PPC advertising. The most significant benefit here is that you are able to generate instant results with PPC advertising. This is important, because natural SEO takes time to provide results – time that you might not be able to afford. In fact, a well-placed ad can bring in a tremendous flood of visitors.

ComScore offered up statistics that put PPC in a positive light, showing that users had an 18.3% click-through-rate “paid” search results. In comparison, organic search results only had a 4.3% click-through rate. ComScore also showed higher conversion rates, with PPC at 1.4% versus 0.6% for organic SEO.

Article Marketing and Organic SEO

According to most research, 95% of Internet searchers will read the first three pages of search results when they want to find real information. The majority of those individuals will click on a search result, rather than a PPC advertisement. Article marketing also generates long-lasting results. While organic SEO is not instantaneous, it can far surpass PPC in terms of longevity and viability – an article can theoretically generate traffic for you forever.

Some of the most reputable sources weighed in for organic SEO, though with names like iProspect and Webxico showing that 77% of search users choose organic results instead of PPC ads. Some studies also showed that organic CTR generated 25% higher conversion rates than equivalent PPC click-through.

The Underlying Problem for Marketers

The real issue here is not initial cost or performance, it is longevity. With PPC ads, you will pay an immense amount of money to have a high volume of traffic for a short time. In addition, managing PPC campaigns can be onerous, as it can consume an immense amount of time.

You’ll also find that PPC campaigns can pose problems in another area – the cash outlay required to keep them running. While the economy is showing signs of new life, that hasn’t trickled down to the average business just yet. So, unless you have some deep pockets to keep your campaigns funded, you’ll find that they can quickly drain your limited cash reserves. Therefore, they have little longevity – none compared to the amount of time that article marketing can drive traffic where you want it.

Article marketing offers you another important advantage – the trust of your customers. Increasingly, PPC ads are looked at askance. They can be misleading, and many consumers find them untrustworthy. As Internet users become increasingly savvy, the limited benefits offered by PPC campaigns dwindles further. Article marketing, on the other hand, increases in effectiveness, as it provides your customers with what they want – real information on which to base their decision.

To sum up, PPC ads go defunct as soon as you stop funding them. That can be quite soon in many instances. Article marketing continues to deliver traffic for as long as the website is operating – in perpetuity, very possibly. While PPC has its place, it should be obvious by now that article marketing is a superior marketing method for businesses, and offers some significant advantages.

Article marketing offers natural search engine results (which are highly preferred over PPC ads), and also gives you a higher level of trust in your customers. Finally, article marketing simply costs less – you have no cost outlay for landing pages, ongoing keyword bids or domain names that you really don’t need. It also helps build links back to your website, which is an invaluable benefit with the weight that Google places on high-ranking backlinks.

ROI: PPC vs. Article Marketing

How do both of these methods stack up in terms of return on your initial investment? Well, that depends on what you are looking at as a return. If you want instant traffic and immediate sales, then PPC does offer a good ROI, at least initially. However, over time, that ROI will erode and you’ll end up paying more for each customer than you might think possible.

Article marketing, at least on a first inspection, has a slower ROI. That is, you will see very little instant return on your investment. However, there are two significant considerations here. First, your investment will be much lower as it is less costly to market via articles than it is through PPC campaigns. Second, your return will be far, far longer lasting. Long after you can no longer remain competitive on specific keywords, articles will still be driving traffic.

In addition, several studies have suggested that organic ROI is more consistent than PPC. Gord Hotchkiss explained the situation. Suppose you have 50 high traffic search terms. For these 50 terms, there are 2.8 million searches each month. Using ComScore’s stats, that equals 456,000 visitors for PPC and 153,000 visitors from article marketing.

The actual cost of the 456,000 PPC visitors would be higher than $500,000, with a CPC of $1.18. Even with the highest priced SEO company (with charges of about $10,000 per month), you are only paying $10,000, rather than $500,000. Therefore, article marketing’s virtual CPC is $0.07. Even accounting for PPC’s higher conversion rate, 3,647, you’re still forking over $147.08 per person. Now, contrast that with the 611 visitors from article marketing and you are paying $16.37 per person. That also gives you higher quality of customers and generates traffic for eternity.

You also need to consider the quality of the traffic that both methods drive to you. PPC campaigns are far more likely to generate traffic that bounces out. Even if you enjoy a relatively high conversion ratio, you’ll still be paying many times more for each customer than you would through article marketing.

Article marketing generates higher quality customers with a greater potential to return and make another purchase. This offers significant benefits, as you do not have to attract them again – repeat customers come at no cost.

Finally, article marketing is just a onetime investment – you pay for the article to be created, and that is it. With PPC, you have ongoing costs for the keywords that you target, and, as mentioned, those costs can become exorbitant. Article marketing will actually repay you for the cost of article creation over time, while PPC will do little more than drain your funds.

Both PPC and article marketing have their place. Increasingly, companies are choosing to combine the two – with PPC campaigns targeting low-cost keywords that may or may not result in immediate traffic and their articles targeting high-worth keywords. However, article marketing still stands as the best option for those who want high-quality traffic and long-lasting results from their marketing efforts.

Article Marketing and the Advantages

Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry. This form of marketing has been used by professionals for nearly as long as mass print has been available. Article marketing truly is a zero investment method that can be mastered to bring you wealth beyond your imagination.

Some of the common benefits of article marketing are: increased web traffic, increased online promotion, link popularity, better search engine optimization, strong brand awareness, generate more leads, more sales, and more sales means more profit.

But most people who attempt article marketing are unable to Rinse-and-Repeat, primarily because they do not understand this form of marketing well enough in the first place. Is it possible that the people claiming the premature death of article marketing are the people who have failed with it?

The advantages that you will see from this form of marketing are not only in terms of the amount of links that are pointed at your site as the articles are distributed, but that with every article submission, you are getting your name and your company’s name in front of potential clients. One of my most effective techniques for this form of marketing is placing your targeted keyword phrase in the title, usually at the beginning. The benefits of this form of marketing are renowned, while the results are tabulated in dollars and good sense.

The main points to concentrate on in article writing is the structure of the article and grammar of the content. Even internet marketers who consider themselves successful and are already knowledgeable about this form of marketing are finding that they are learning new techniques to make their article marketing efforts even more profitable.

Writing articles, and promoting them for publication, is one of the most productive long-term promotional tactics available. Writing reviews, recommendations, or simply listing something as a resource to members of your list will easily result in another passive stream of income in your business.

Writing articles and article marketing are very popular online promotion tools. Writing an article is much easier when you break it down into parts. Writing the perfect article, however, won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to submit it effectively. Writing articles about new affiliate programs or brand new product releases is a great way to get listed fast within search engines because the competition is limited.

Before you go about writing the article, you’ll want to do some keyword research. Article marketing is the practice of posting keyword-focused articles on article sites that then syndicate your content.

If writing is not “your thing” or you don’t have the time to submit your articles to the many submission sites and directories available to you, then outsource this task because this form of marketing is too valuable and effective not to take advantage of it. Remember, the more articles you have, the more sites will pick them up and create a link to yours.

I also discovered that my competitors don’t complete the bio box (Resource Box) and call to action reviews to improve click through rates. If you want to really make your article sell then you’ve got to craft the perfect Resource Box. Here are the essential items that should be in your resource box. Your name is a must and you’d be amazed at how many people forget to include their name in the resource box. Your name and optional title should be the first things you put in your resource box.

Keep your resource box brief and to the point. Keep the size of your resource box so that it’s no larger than 15% of your total article size. Too often I see resource boxes that are 50% of the size of the total article and this is abusive.

The body of your article is where you “GIVE” and the resource box is where you get to “TAKE” for your gift of information. The resource box is the “currency of payment” you receive for giving away your article.

The bottom line is the benefits offered by this form of marketing are not what you usually get from other types of marketing methods. Usually the articles used for this form of marketing are not too long and the word count should be in the range of 300-700, best around 500.

Because your articles target a particular subject the prospective customers that result from this form of marketing are targeted customers.

The main hurdle most people face with this form of marketing is writing the articles. Let’s face it, not everyone can crank out 500-word articles on a daily or even weekly basis.

Keyword use and article marketing are great ways to increase traffic to your business’ site. Other types of websites effective for this form of marketing are the blog site and web forum. Blogging and article marketing is one of the best and fastest ways to get targeted traffic online.

When used together, list building and article marketing are the dynamic duo.

The products that work the best with this form of marketing are informational products.

The reason article marketing works so well is because it has all the elements required in an effective promotional technique, and best of all, it’s free. Writing articles and article marketing are very popular online promotional tools and the benefits of this form of marketing are seen over time.

Web, online and video article marketing are the latest marketing procedures in our modern era and these can easily reach out to the clients conveying the inevitable message.