Top 10 Reasons Why Online Marketers Fail With Article Marketing

If you’ve been marketing products online for any length of time, you’ve likely heard people talk about the power and promise of article marketing for the promotion of your online business.

Unfortunately, many online marketers have tried to utilize article marketing to benefit their online business and failed. After numerous failures, many of those same marketers decide that success with article marketing is an illusion. They decide that it is a complete and utter waste of their time and resources.

As one of those people, who has found great success with article marketing, I have taken it upon myself to try to help people understand what enables some people to be truly successful with this marketing strategy, while others will never see any success at all with it.

Some people believe that the only way to learn to be successful, in any task, is to study those who have been successful. I happen to be one of those people, who believe that studying failure can be just as useful, as studying success.

I see the concept of studying successful techniques and techniques that fail, as the yen and the yang of success.

It is one thing to study the people, who have been most successful with article marketing. If you are attentive, you can learn a lot from them. It is quite another thing to study the people, who have failed with this marketing method. If you are attentive, you can learn a lot from them as well.

In a number of my article marketing guides, I talk about what it takes to be successful using articles to market online. But in this article, I am talking about the reasons why many people fail with using articles to marketing their products or services.

Top 10 Reasons Article Marketers Fail

The top 10 reasons why online marketers fail to find success writing and syndicating articles:

1. Failing to create an article that carries an interesting title – a title that will attract the attention and interest of publishers first and readers second.

2. Failing to acknowledge that publishers have a vested interest in keeping their readers happy – submitting crap articles that publishers know their readers will not want to read.

3. Failing to understand that people want articles that help them solve problems and answer questions – as opposed to glorified sales copy.

4. Failing to keep the information interesting for the reader – when people abandon your articles, they will never see the link to your website.

5. Failing to present a strong call-to-action in the authors’ resource box – if the resource box does not attract a click, the article is simply page filler.

6. Failing to focus on the needs of readers in the authors’ resource box – readers, who enjoyed reading your article, want to know why they should visit your website. Don’t bore them to tears with a lengthy personal story and a lengthy brag fest about what makes you more special than everyone else.

7. Failing to expend a few more minutes during the editing process, to present your article with nice formatting – articles that break to a new line in mid-sentence are annoying and hard-to-follow. Long paragraphs that run for miles are hard-to-read and lead to eyestrain and article abandonment.

8. Failing to spell check your articles can annoy a lot of people – you may not catch all of the mistakes, especially when your Spellchecker software does not identify the misspelling to you. Often, you can get by with a few misspellings and instances of poor grammar in an article, so long as the misspelling or poor grammar does not distract the reader, when he or she is reading the article.

9. Failing to make sure that you put the article into the correct category – when publishers ask you to select a category for your article. Do not cut corners here. If you expect the publisher to fix your category for you, they won’t. If a publisher sees your article in the wrong category, they will more often hit delete, rather than fix your article placement.

10. Failing to follow simple instructions – the easiest thing to fix is the one thing that 85% of article marketers ignore, and that is making sure your articles’ word counts match the publishers’ requirements for word counts. Article marketers, who are willing to waste a publishers’ time, by submitting articles that do not meet minimum or maximum word counts will find that the publisher would prefer to reject all of the marketers’ articles, rather than to take the time to check if the marketer finally started following instructions.

Final Thoughts

In the end, as an article marketer, you must always strive to satisfy two audiences – the publisher, who might want to publish your articles, and the reader, who might read your articles.

If your article fails to satisfy one or both of the people in your target audience, then you should not be surprised that your article marketing failed to achieve its intended goals.

The most common reason for failure of using articles to promote an online business is actually the tendency of marketers to view article marketing, in the same way that they view ordinary advertising.

With ordinary advertising, people write sales copy to generate an immediate action.

With article marketing, the process is a little bit different. With articles, those who are most successful answer the needs of the reader first, before presenting the sales copy that is designed to get people to take an action. This is why successful article marketers solve problems and answer questions in the body of the article, reserving the sales copy for the authors’ resource box.

By putting the focus on solving problems and answering questions for readers, we are able to get the attention of the publishers, whom we absolutely want and need to publish our articles. By restricting our sales copy to our authors’ resource box, publishers are more inclined to give us what we want (access to their audiences for our sales message), because we have successfully given publishers what they wanted – information that their readers will find useful and interesting.

Article Marketing – Top 4 Effective Target Traffic Generation Strategies

Article Marketing Fundamental 1: This type of content marketing is among many effective direct “softsell” marketing methods. Now, it is more popularly known as an effective direct marketing technique due to Internet search engines and online article directories. It was however also the case in pre-Internet days because companies advertised their products or services in relevant offline publications (which they still do up to this day).

Of course, popular online and offline publications in any particular niche are now frequently read by people interested in relevant topics. At present, a lot more people use search engines to quickly find relevant information which can solve their problems or educate them.

It is crucial to identify and compare facts of this written content marketing method against search engine and content syndication marketing fundamentals. Why? This needs to be done before getting the top 4 effective traffic generation strategies via this content marketing method.

Article Marketing Fundamental 2: Written content (article) is used to provide target readers with helpful information or advice most relevant to their needs. Content should also contain information or advice highly relevant to the products or services of the company.

This also helps companies establish business credibility. Through this marketing strategy, companies can widen exposure of their products or services to reach a larger percentage of their target markets.

More importantly, article content should be written in a way which does not only provide target readers with relevant and helpful information or advice. Rather, it should also be written in a way which can: (1) grab target readership attention, (2) get them interested in reading the rest of its content, (3) help them get useful information or advice and keep them entertained enough to read on, (4) make them curious enough to ask for more useful relevant info/advice, then (5) give them a soft push to act accordingly.

Article Marketing Fundamental 3: These Articles are generally published by article directories. Most article directories do not charge authors any fees to publish their articles. Ads on pages where the articles are published enable directory owners to collect revenues.

More published articles about various niches result to: (1) wider exposure and (2) more readers. This means directory owners and authors both benefit from this type of content marketing due to readership and article page view growth.

Search Engine Marketing Fundamental 1: Top article directories have good domain authority in the eyes of search engines. Authors place their target keywords in their relevant articles so it can be indexed by search engines for those keywords.

This must be done properly however because search engines and article directories most likely consider excessive keyword stuffing as spam. Articles overly stuffed with keywords after all tend to have unreadable content with less useful information or advice (since its only purpose is most likely “food” for search engines), and most (if not all) article directories do not publish such content.

Search Engine Marketing Fundamental 2: The top article directories, arranged by PR (Page Rank) and Alexa (traffic rank), are classified by search engines in terms of PR, ranking and authority using a lot of measurable factors.

These measurable factors may include: (1) onsite search engine optimization (title, description, meta keywords, sitemap, keyword placement in content, media richness and robots.txt optimization), (2) domain age, (3) number of backlinks from relevant sites, (4) number of backlinks from irrelevant sites, (5) PR, ranking and authority of sites with links pointing to article directories, (6) average number of outbound and inbound links on article directories and (7) traffic (daily traffic and page views).

Content Syndication Marketing Fundamental 1: These article directories also have high viewer traffic and large syndicate content publisher base. Having lots of articles published on these directories usually results to wider exposure and larger target market reach.

Also, having lots of articles published by many top directories and their syndicated content publisher members means sharing PR and domain authority of their sites with the author’s site pages. Backlinks on high PR dofollow well-aged high authority domain sites are most likely considered as their votes for those linked pages about topics covered by the keyword anchors used. Being voted by these top article directories and sites of its syndicated content publisher members means having votes with more weight. This improves domain authority, PR and search engine rankings of the voted sites aside from widening exposure which results to generating more targeted traffic.

Article Marketing Strategy I: Write articles in a “softsell” marketing writing style.

Why? Content written in the “hardsell” marketing tone usually lowers reader interest and interactivity because they tend to think the author is more interested in making a sale than sincerely helping them.

How to write article content in the “softsell” marketing style? You can properly do this by: (1) identifying pieces of information or advice which can be useful for your target readers and relevant to your products or services, (2) placing your main target keyword in an attention-grabbing title, (3) placing your main and related target keywords in an interest-provoking description, (4) placing your main and related target keywords once for each 120-word block in 2/3 of article body (should be rich in relevant content beneficial to your target readers), (5) placing your main and related target keywords in the last 1/3 of the article body (must provoke their curiosity for more relevant and beneficial content), and (6) placing your main and related target keywords in an effective call-to-action bio box as anchors of links pointing to pages of your site with more new relevant information/advice.

Article Marketing Strategy II: Have lots of properly written, keyword-optimized articles published by top directories and their syndicated content publishers.

Why? It will: (1) have high search engine rankings for its keywords and (2) be read by more people interested in topics covered by the keywords.

Number 1 above is a function of the PR and domain authority of the article directories. Articles targeting particular keywords will rank high on relevant search engine results if published on these directories. Why? The published articles will use the domain authority and PR of these directories.

Number 2 above is a function of number 1 and the content syndication publisher base volume of the article directories. Why? If published articles rank high on relevant search engine results, more people will see the articles, and if articles are syndicated by lots of content publisher members of these directories, then a lot more will be able to see it.

Article Marketing Strategy III: Have 1 properly written, keyword-optimized article published by as many top article directories as possible.

Why? Most (if not all) of the top article directories also publish content already published by other directories, provided it is under the same author name. This is the same process involved in content syndication. With this, having 1 article published under the same author name by a lot of directories means high search engine rankings for the articles and the pages where its links point to, plus more content publisher members syndicating the article on their sites. This of course translates to wider exposure and more target traffic for the author’s sites.

What is “content syndication”? It is a method where publishers (article directories) have a membership base (syndicate content publishers) who can republish (syndicate) content already published on the directory itself and others as long as: (1) the author’s name and links are included and (2) all its content remains unchanged.

Article Marketing Strategy IV: Have articles published by offline and online publications which your target markets frequently read.

Of course, it’s important to go where your target market hangs out because of a lot of factors. You can determine their demands and habits by doing this. More so, most (if not all) businesses with successful sales margins establish their point-of-sale outlets and ads in places often visited by their target markets.

The Benefit of Using Article Marketing for Your MLM Campaign

MLM businesses are quite the rage these days. Multi-level marketing presents easier opportunities to earn. You only have to sell the products and services and have a downline organization that also brings in money for you. With MLM, you earn money while maintaining a clean conscience. What is more, multi-level marketing allows you to utilize methods such as Internet marketing, social media marketing and other easy and effective methods. Moreover, the nature of multi-level marketing requires a wide and extensive network of personal contacts for you to be able to market your products and services and even possibly recruit as members of your downline organization. If you have been in the business for quite some time them you will notice that you have ran out of market. To overcome this adversary, MLM marketers have sought out of ways to improve their MLM campaign. Article marketing is among the many proven methods that cam help you in your MLM campaign.

The Internet is one of the most important and helpful systems spawned by technological advancements. The Internet is an effective tool and sharing and searching for information. It is almost safe to ascertain that everyone is relying upon it to get their fill of information. What is more, the Internet has been able to bridge the gap set by location and time. People from around the globe are now finding it much easier to communicate with one an other and establish lasting relationships. As so, marketing techniques have changed alongside the current market trends. More and more business owners and distributors are relying heavily on Internet marketing to proliferate their business. An effective method that these marketers are using is the article marketing.

Article marketing is probably among the best and easiest ways to market on the Internet. How the method works is basically simple. You are to constantly submit a number of articles to directories. By doing so, you create a better presence and visibility of your website. Regularly producing articles of great quality to these directories will significantly turn the tables in your favor. Search engines will be then most likely to lead people to your website if you have been able to land in the directories several good articles. If successful, you will see that your website will be generating more traffic. One of the benefits of using article marketing for your MLM campaign is that your website’s generated traffic significantly increases without you having to pay for anything.

People commonly have a search engine set as their home page. Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are among the more popular search engines. If they do not, they will then be likely to have websites that employ search engines set as their home page, such as YouTube. Regardless of the person’s preferred home page where he often searches for items, you can use article marketing to your advantage. No matter what kind of search they are doing, article marketing si bound to catch their attention.

Embarking on an article marketing strategy, a person may struggle to think of what to write about. This is indeed a crucial factor that should not be taken lightly. You should first determine several keywords which you believe are very much related to the content of your MLM blog or website. You should then identify which among these keywords are more likely to be typed in a search query and run on a search engine. As a marketer, you should also consider the possible competitors who also provide content on the same keywords. The article that results from such thorough and careful study must then be subjected to several considerations. Knowing these things will allow you to effectively utilize article marketing for your profit.

Developing a great article revolving around a keyword or two can prove to be difficult. Most turn to content by other authors already published online. This is something that should not be done because indexes actually keep record of the articles posted and can easily detect copied content. Be sure that your articles are original and are well-written. For simple topics, 400 words or so would suffice since the article needs not to be that lengthy. What matters most is the content and the relevance of whatever is written in it. Furthermore, extremely long articles often induce boredom and tiredness on readers and they tend to not give that much attention. What is more, they often stop halfway or so and do not reach the last part of the article where the crucial information are commonly presented.

The frequency of you writing articles should be one article per day for the first sixty to ninety days. This may seem an impossible task but is actually easy once you get the hang of it. This must be achieved in order to give you a headstart and provide the momentum to throttle your MLM campaign toward success. Once you have written at least sixty articles, you can reduce your work to an article every five days so as to maintain the presence and visibility of your website. Your articles must contain an average of ten keywords for every 500 words but must not exceed twenty-five because excessive keyword use often leads the search engine robots to label the content as spam material.

Article marketing has become so popular that it has found its way through different media. It has gone beyond the common written article marketing but has also ventured into video article marketing. As so, you are not only limited to searches that pertain only to written material but you are also able to reach out to a whole new media. What is more, videos are more engaging and easily catch the attention, making it ideal for article marketing.

Video article marketing generally works on the same principles that written article marketing relies on. The video must contain relevant and informative that viewers will find interesting. The video can then be posted on popular video search engines such as YouTube. Writing an article with the keywords targeted by the video and then submitting it to several directories greatly increases its chances of being watched. Al, you need to do is write a good and optimized article with the URL leading to your video article. The better you write the accompanying article, the higher the chances that people will actually watch the video.

Article marketing is truly a great marketing method to boost your MLM campaign. Using this method practically involves no direct costs because all you have got to do is create some articles to be submitted to online directories, and nothing more. When your website has become very much visible, search engines will lead Internet users to your website. This generates enormous traffic without cost. Article marketing also enables you to reach out to a wider and more diverse audience since you can submit both written and video articles. Article marketing is indeed a blessing to anyone’s MLM campaign.

If you are new to the MLM industry and are looking forward into gaining wealth and success from the business, then you better try article marketing. Not only is it inexpensive, but it has also been found helpful to any MLM campaign.